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9th Jan 2018

Voyeurism is actually a lot more of a common fantasy that one would realise and this is borne out in the types of appointments I have. As you can see I am fairly young looking, well I am, in fact, only 20 years anyway but I had a date booked for me recently with an American visitor to Milton Keynes and he had seen my picture in the gallery at secrets4you and wanted to book a date with me (

We met in a hotel room at the Holiday Inn hotel, which is nice and central to the Milton Keynes area. He was a lecturer at Northampton University and in his fifties, he was lovely and polite and extremely complimentary. He explained that I resembled someone he knew but he wasn’t able to show his interest to her but that he had realised he could have the opportunity of living out a fantasy with me. I am always happy to oblige, and this certainly sounded interesting, so I encouraged him to talk about his needs in more detail over a bottle of wine.

As we talked I gathered that he was into voyeurism and that he didn’t actually want to be personally intimate with me but rather watch covertly as I pleasured myself. I really enjoy these types of dates as I get so much pleasure from knowing that every move I make is being watched intensely and turning my date on! I immediately thought of an idea and without letting on I stood up and said to my date that I was just going to the bathroom to change and then would go out for a drink. I motioned that he stayed on the sofa in the room whilst I got changed and I walked over to the bathroom.

I made sure that I left the bathroom door ajar as I knew that if I stood in a certain spot in the bathroom I could be seen from the lounge/bedroom area. I stood in the correct spot and slipped out of my dress. I had a matching pair of black lace panties and bra which I kept on whilst I moved backwards and forwards in front of the doorway on the pretext of gathering different items of clothing. I sneaked a quick glance through to the lounge area to ensure that he was watching and to my delight he was! Now for the real show.

I placed all the things I had gathered on a small stool in the room. I positioned it so that if I sat on the edge I could still be seen and then slowly, facing away from the doorway, I slipped seductively out of my underwear. As I undid my bra I shimmied my shoulders a little so that my rounded and pert breasts bounced. My nipples hardened at the sudden exposure and I cooed in delight as I cupped them and absent-minded flicked my thumbs over each hard nub. I then hooked them into the flimsy material of my panties and slid them down my legs making sure that I bent right over to give a wonderful view of my pussy lips to my date in the living room.

I spent quite a long time bent over and making quite a big deal of stretching and removing my panties so much so that I couldn’t help myself when I had to brush my hand over my now wet pussy lips from behind. I made sure that my fingers slid back and forth very slowly so that I could enjoy the sensations it gave me but had to stop before I went too far! I walked out of sight and collected a full-length mirror and placed it in front of the stool. I sat down and began to slide nude silk stockings over my feet and slowly up each leg whilst facing the mirror. I could see that my date clearly was very interested. Every time I slid the stocking up to my knee I parted my legs just enough so that he could see my soft velvety parted lips and the deep wet womanliness within.

With my stockings in place I attached my suspender belt and slid my feet into some very high heels. I stood admiring myself in the mirror and began to caress my breasts with one hand whilst touching myself with the other. I threw my head back in pleasure and continued like this for a few moments until I realised it wasn’t enough.

I sashayed over to the counter where I had left my bag and bent over to investigate what was inside. Here I pondered over which of my favourite travel vibrators to choose. I made sure that I wiggled a little as I didn’t want anyone to get bored and once I had made the perfect choices I walked back over to the stool and sat facing the mirror and spread my knees wide apart. I heard a little gasp from the other room and smiled, satisfied.

I began by circling each nipple with the big silver bullet probe. My already hard nipples deepened in colour and became even tighter. I moaned in appreciation and I’m sure I heard a little echo of a moan from behind the door but I carried on without investigating. I slowly trailed the huge cold vibrator down between my full breasts, down my belly towards my glistening already engorged pussy lips.

I leant back on the stool so I could lift my pelvis higher and receive the full length of the shaft between my legs. I gasped as the cold hard implement slid into my hot pussy and I held it there deep within me whilst I circled it round and round filling me completely. I then took the small baby vibrator and placed it on my swollen red clit. The gentle humming of my pleasure was the only sound in the room and I turned the little pleasure stick up to full and instantly felt my clit swelling and getting hot under the intense vibrations. I began to pound the huge thick bullet in and out in time with my gasps and I could feel the heady pleasure intensifying now. 

I wanted to cum so badly but I also needed to reach a particular spot I knew would blow my mind so whilst keeping the little vibrator planted firmly on my clit I moved so that I was kneeling on the floor with my elbows on the stool. I slid the huge shaft deep into me from behind and arch my back so that I could slide all the way in. I spread my knees wide apart and lost myself completely as the shaft hit the exact spot. I moaned and bucked with the intense pleasure of the white-hot ball building inside me. When I finally came it was a total explosion and my own hot sticky juices squirted down my thigh. I collapsed against the stool totally spent and exhausted. I looked up into the mirror to see that my watcher had also felt the full thrust of my excitement and was indeed also totally spent.

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    Are you a Sapiosexual?

    15th Jan 2018

    A new term that people are labelling themselves with, Sapiosexuals are people who rate intelligence as the most important trait in a prospective sexual partner. For some it is big tits, for others it is blonde hair but for the self appointed intelligent people, intellect and cleverness is the thing that gets them going. Apparently if you are not deemed intelligent enough then you are not going to get past the first post.
    At Secrets 4you escort agency we like to ensure that we reflect a diverse section of society and provide various different galleries of all types of stunning West Midlands escorts, perhaps we need to make a new gallery of sapiosexual escorts?
    Not only is the term gaining ground but it has also gained its own dating app. Much like Tinder, but of course only for the self style ‘clever’ people there is something of a mastermind quiz that must be passed in order to qualify! Questions include those on philosophy, politics, culture and social etiquette. Never mind swiping right, one must pass the barrage of intellectual questions posed by the prospective date before finding a match!
    The app is something of a chore, not unlike dating a self-appointed sapiosexual it seems. Coins must be earned by answering various questions correctly in order to unlock the answers of your prospective date. This is a great deal of effort when one considers that all you are looking for is some stimulating company and perhaps a frolic after a couple of prosecco’s. Pretentious is perhaps the word we are looking for or perhaps elitist. Now there is nothing wrong with going out on an elite date, we have our own gallery of elite West Midlands escorts but we define this in other ways and not on a score card of MENSA questions.
    Sapoisexuals are gaining ground it seems. With over 9000 people on OKCupid associating with the term and many more expressing an interest in sapiosexuality on ‘plenty of fish’ this may not go away any time soon. It is ironic though that a term has been coined to label something that we all do without thinking anyway. Attractiveness is not always defined by looks or personality. We tend to seek out those with whom we share a common bond anyway – at least for long term relationships. Its called being human.

    Bare or bushy?

    15th Jan 2018

    It’s funny how social expectations change over the course of time. Think about it, thirty years ago we had the flick and the mullet and whilst these are laughed at now, they were top fashion looks at the time. The same with other hairstyles too. Back in the seventies, bushes were, well, bushy! Pubic hair sprouted from knicker lines and was highly desired. The odd trim or perhaps a little topiary trimming was in order but all in all, things were left to run wild. For the most part, people loved it. It was easy upkeep, pain free and of course a wonderful collection point for all those sexy pheromones. Fast forward a few years and it is gone. For most women, the thought of a stray hair ‘down there’ is horrifying. Smooth and bare is the order of the day despite the fact that hot waxes, shaving and all manner of painful processes are used to achieve the look. Discomfort is worth it in order to achieve a smooth and silky result – if only for a single day and if you use a razor, then that’s all you’ll get before the itching and stabbing set in!

    For the most part it does seem that guys prefer us bare down there and yet when questioned, women said they preferred a little growth on a man. Not ringlets or dreadlocks or anything just a tidy smattering of short growth – think the Mitchell brothers type of hairstyle.
    Perhaps the change in style was down to porn. The money shot is certainly easier to capture without a curtain of tresses in the way. Fighting through Japanese knotweed is not deemed to be much fun and men are visual creatures after all. As we know, if we see something often enough then it becomes accepted as ‘the norm’. If we are getting personal, it is actually very unlikely that you would find a West Midlands escort sporting a full bush. Perhaps those who specialise in more fetish types of fun but of course, that raises the question of when did the natural body become seen as a fetish? It seems to be down to more personal taste (pardon the pun)! Silky smooth is generally accepted as desirable and sexy so why not have this extended to the most desirable area of all. Of course it does raise the issue of beard rash and we are not talking about something a man might have to endure so if we have any advice for you, it would be to go gently on that soft bare skin. It is delicate and by nature, not meant to be so exposed. Soft and smooth is the way to go and certainly give you the rewards you are seeking. In contrast, do make sure that your own dingly dell is well kept and groomed. If we are to expect a certain level of commitment to our preferred upkeep then it is only fair to meet and equal that level of dedication. In a nutshell – guys, get the mower out once in a while!

    Cold feet = unsatisfied in bed

    15th Jan 2018

    The people from the Netherlands are known for their lack of inhibitions and sense of openness when it comes to sex so it is not surprising that the University of Groningen (in the Netherlands) spent time researching the relationship between cold feet and bad sex. We are not entirely sure what lead to this research being undertaken – was there a particularly bad winter or a shortage of socks that lead to researchers coming to this conclusion, it is not clear but what is clear is the fact that wearing socks in bed can improve your sex life.
    Now, at Secrets4you escort agency we understand that cold toes are not sexy – especially if they are planted firmly on your back, however a pair of grey socks are not exactly orgasm inducing either and so we take the research to mean that warm feet in general are better than cold.
    This research is definitely borne out in science because dilation of the blood vessels in the extremities does lead to a more relaxed state of mind and therefore more open to sensuality opportunities. Also because the flow of blood is freely moving, blood can be sent to other areas much faster – you get where we are going here?
    So whilst we should ignore the whole sock reference which was used to simply jazz up the research, there is truth in the findings. As with a lot of these things we shouldn’t take them too literally and our beautiful West Midlands escorts are not going to get hot under the collar or anywhere else for that matter if their clients insist on keeping their socks on and even if the research were to be taken literally they do take great pains to explain that they are not talking about socks that have been worn for the last 12 hours – eewww! We forgot to mention too that the research also showed that having warm feet can help you to doze off to sleep faster but really, who is likely to want to do that in the company of one of our stunning West Midlands escorts?
    It is highly unlikely that any of our clients have an issue with vasodilation (getting blood flowing through the system to our extremities). Our high class escorts have done their own thorough research and tend to get great results every time! Our clients are almost always very hot under the collar and have no issues with getting their blood pumping through the system! Surprisingly most of the research our girls have done involves NOT wearing socks or indeed clothes of any kind (except in the costume areas of course) so perhaps the researchers from the Netherlands just tested on the wrong subjects.
    The best way to find anything out for sure is always to do your own testing and at our West Midlands escort agency we have scores of beauties (all minus socks) who will be more than willing test subjects. Why not make your choice and then give is a call and we guarantee that whatever the weather – you won’t be feeling the chill.

    When is ‘Hey’ not ok?

    15th Jan 2018

    As opening one liners go ‘Hey’ is pretty universal. It can be used in a variety of situations and came come across as a more casual or intimate greeting depending on the tone used. All in all, ‘Hey’ is quite a versatile word in the dating world or so you would think.
    The dating experts at Tinder disagree. Apparently, it is an instant swipe left if you use this as an opener which seems pretty harsh considering the word is about as inoffensive as you can get! On Tinder, it seems, ‘Hey’ is a bit of a cliché and shows a distinct lack of effort. We have no such reservations and at our West Midlands escort agency we like to think that perhaps we are not as highly strung as those on Tinder. Perhaps it is because everyone knows where they stand when they call us up. At our West Midlands escort agency our clients have no need for self-questioning, they certainly do not need to feel inadequate or inferior. All those self-doubts can be left on your dating profile so that our clients can fully immerse themselves into their date, full of confidence and a sense of adventure.
    Whilst dating apps such as Tinder can be useful for people wanting to hook up, we must remember that the people using them may have hidden agendas. It is not common for a beautiful woman to be looking for a no strings encounter and that is why our beautiful West Midlands escorts are so rare. They are the genuine few who really do enjoy sensual encounters and are truly not looking for anything long term. One has to question the motives of someone promoting themselves in the public forum in this way as beautiful women tend not to have too much difficulty in finding a date, even easier to find a one night stand.
    Dating apps are big business and whilst many users may have become bored with looking for ‘the one’ on them they still have an addictiveness that is hard to ignore. One should really question that if the person of your dreams is still seeking companionship on a public dating website – are they really what you are looking for. At Secrets4you we make no apologies for the service we provide. Our is an open and honest arrangement that leaves everyone with a sense of satisfaction without any emotional baggage whatsoever. No regrets, no lingering issues just plain old fun.
    The next time you want to start with the opener ‘Hey’ just go for it. Our West Midlands escorts are likely to retort with a ‘hey yourself’, instantly conveying the warmth of their personalities and putting you at ease. Some people tend to overthink things and maybe this is what Tinder have done in analysing a simple word use as a greeting. They have become bogged down in the minutiae and lost themselves in the process. Keep it real and keep it casual, that way you keep it fun, which, after all, isn’t that what we are all looking for?

    Cold feet = unsatisfied in bed

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