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    Still Wanting to Party When the Clubs Close

    20th Nov 2017

    All you can eat buffets are not a new thing and in major cities such as Birmingham you will usually find that they are favoured by Asian and Indian restaurants however the concept has been modernised somewhat by the team at the Rub Smoke house restaurant who have added a retro feel with their 1980's inspired old school crisp buffet. The crisp buffet offers a bottomless choice of crisps that were popular school snacks back in the day, think things like monster munch, discos, frazzles and quavers. Everyone had them in their packed lunch boxes in the days before healthy eating was ever a concern so the fact that this restaurant have hit upon the nostalgic nerve has proven to be a massive success.

    If you were thinking that simply offering various flavoured crisps on a buffet were not going to fill anyone up then you would be right, so the team have added buttered bread and Yorkshire puddings to be filled with an endless supply of our favourite snacks all for the single price of £9.75. This seems somewhat pricey for essentially the same thing you can buy in the supermarket for less than a quarter of the price but the 80's music, ambience and party atmosphere has made this a huge sell out success and something that the restaurant aim to build upon in the coming months. This is a party atmosphere without the cocktail sausages as all the tables have been removed to create a dance floor in the centre of the restaurant and people are loving it!

    In the summer, the restaurant hosted their first crisp buffet and whilst they did not go with a themed concept at that time it was still a roaring success and one that a few of our beautiful Birmingham escorts attended. They said that the party atmosphere was like nothing they had ever experienced before as it was not quite like a club but rather just like one of the old school discos they remembered. Perhaps this is why the restaurant have gone all out for this theme this time and seeing as it was such a success last time,then we can only imagine that they are likely to start selling tickets in the future.

    Many of our Birmingham clients like to enjoy new and exciting experiences and so with this in mind we wonder if this might appeal to our core clientele. Many of our outcall escorts are happy to accompany clients to events such as these and so if you are thinking of attending but have lost touch with your old school mates then why not call our agency and have one of our stunning escorts in Birmingham accompany you instead? The party is planning to continue until 2am however you might want to stick to your curfew and have fun 'behind the bikesheds' with your chosen Birmingham escort. Make sure that 'the bikesheds' is a euphemism for hotel room or home in this instance as we are all actually over the age of consent and wont have to resort to hiding out any more.

    Retro party themes have certainly come into their own this year with so many different events taking on the 80's, 90's or old school themes. Despite the fact that many of us have left school a long time ago it seems that they were after all the best years of our lives and one which we want to revisit no matter what the occasion. So get your best school uniform on and spend the evening with one of the 'bad girls' of the class as this would certainly work well with a fetish and fantasy date

    Out Calls in the Midlands

    20th Nov 2017

    The West Midlands is known perhaps for its sense of warmth and welcome and an excellent sense of humour so it is perhaps not such a surprise that it also leads the board in the field of odd (and funny) street names. Tourists actually visit the region to tour around and take picturesof all the weird and wonderful street names and even see if they can findout their origins. Unfortunately whilst the internet is a wonderful thing, lots of these names and the reasons for their being have been lost to the passage of time with no one left living who has the faintest idea as to how they came into being.

    Take for instance, 'whynot street' in Halesown. The oracle that is Google and Wikipedia have no idea why a street would be called whynot street. Neither do the locals nor the infinite fountain of information, the local pub. The pub itself is called the Whynot Inn (of course) and even they do not know the meaning behind their name as one helpful bar person suggested that the pub was so named because it was named after the street. Not very insightful we agree. That is not the only odd name in the Midlands area as we came across Needless Alley in Birmingham city centre and Dingley Bells in West Bromwich, with sniggers all round. Cat and Kittens Lane in Wolverhampton and Billy Buns Lane in Wimbourne came a close second but of course for those who live in the West Midlands it has to be Bumblehole Meadows that takes the top spot. Most people have to take a second glance and yes it is Bumble hole meadow as in Bumble although we are sure that the postman must have seen all sorts of variations on letters he or she has to deliver!

    The fact that there are so many weird and wonderful place names in this part of the West Midlands has spawned a whole tourist industry of its own. There are people who spend their weekends touring the area in order to capture photos of strange street names in an almost pokemonesque style. This might sound strange to some people however we know that it is in fact quite popular as visitors to the area of the West Midlands who spend time with our beautiful Midlands escorts in the evenings often say that they are in the area in order to increase their collection of odd street names that they look for around the country.

    In most cases these explorers of the unusual look for reasons behind the names. There is usually some history or local story to explain why a road or area has gained a certain moniker but in many of the weird names that are given to streets and areas in the West Midlands they are so old that no-one now knows the real reasons or stories behind them. It is quite sad that this interesting urban information has been lost to the passage of time and highlights why we should always record a reason for choosing something simply because it might save driving someone mad in the future!

    If you do happen to be visiting the Midlands areas for this reason and would like to enjoy some female companionship in the evenings then we do have a number of beautiful escorts in the Midlands who are available for outcalls to all areas. Just give us a call and let us know where you are staying and we can have the model of your choice with you in no time. We promise we wont snigger at the name though!

    Birmingham Escorts Nights Out

    20th Nov 2017

    We all know about the allure of the Docklands area of London. Millions have been spent turning this area into a water wonderland with everything centred around the waterways and the old docks however Birmingham is a city of canals and is starting to enjoy the benefits of modernisation of these areas with waterside spots commanding the top spots for leisure and entertainment.

    Brindleyplace is Birmingham's canal quarter and some of the city's best bars and restaurants are located here. They take advantage of the serene water scape and some even are located in boats on the water itself. Its location next to the ICC and the NIA make it an ideal spot for a pre concert dinner and then post concert drinks. Even if you are not attending any of the events at these arenas then you can still make a booking and enjoy a lively and enjoyable night along the water's edge although do book in advance as there is often a waiting list for many of the most popular venues.

    Our Birmingham escorts have dined in many places here and indeed they have enjoyed many exciting evenings in the bars that are sited along the waters edge. If you are looking for somewhere to go for a great night out in Birmingham a visit to this part of the city gives you 0plenty of options and whilst the restaurants may need pre-booking, the fact that there are so many bars here means you can just enjoy a bit of a bar crawl.

    If you want to enjoy the water in a more leisurely style then how about visiting cannon park. You can enjoy the day out with our beautiful outcall escorts in Birmingham and perhaps rent one of the swan boats (pedalos in the shape of swans) and glide about on the boating lake. The swans come in a choice of two or four seater's so you can enjoy quite a romantic outing just the two of you here.

    In the summer months water is something that most people like to feature in their outdoor pursuits and Droitwich is one of the few places which still boasts an open air salt water lido. If you prefer not to get wet then you can catch the rays on a sun lounger or if you really want to go for it then you can mess about with the water cannons and fountains and generally be a big kid for the day. Our Midlands escorts always like to get into the thick of everything so be prepared for them to fight back if you plan on giving them a dousing! Obviously at this timeof year the water park is closed for the winter but there is no harm in planning for the time when we are enjoying a few warmer days.

    Since water is such a big part of entertainment in Birmingham then you have to spend at least part of your day enjoying a trip on a barge boat. It might surprise most people to find out that Birmingham actually has more canals than Venice, and also that it smells infinitely better so why spend the money going all the way over to Italy when you can enjoy the same pleasures right here on your doorstep! Sherbourne Wharf is where you pick up your Barge boat for a tour of the city with a knowledgeable local guide who will tell you the history of the place and interesting facts about the area. Even ore enjoyable when you are in the company of any of our beautiful Midlands escorts we think you will agree, plus you can work out where you want to go to enjoy your dinner later on.

    Secrets 4 You come to you

    11th Nov 2017

    Our Secrets 4 You ladies can make your Christmas wishes come true.

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