5 Perks Of Escorting

29th May 2018

No matter how much we enjoy our jobs we could all use a little motivational boost every now and then to remind some of us just how lucky we are because there is always a worse job out there for you to do. Now we are in no means saying escorting is a bad profession, simply that it takes a lot of hard work, focus, dedication, determination and inner strength to be an escort and like any job that's demanding it's nice to have some reminders of the perks and escorting is a profession with many.

Even though the perks we mention may not be reason enough to become an escort individually, they are great small motivations to remind yourself why you love your job. So let's get into some of the cool little perks that come along with working right here at Secrets4You starting with:

Peoples Stories

As an escorts you are regularly exposed to many different people who come from a wide array of different backgrounds who's perspectives, beliefs and morals all differ to one another and along with all these different people, come many different stories. Sometimes clients will make stories up to impress their escorts but even this can be entertaining.

Hearing other peoples stories can sometimes make you feel better about your own life or just cheer you up. Clients often tell dramatic, hilarious, sad or stressful stories and as an escort it can provide you with both entertainment and a keen insight into your clients mind to find out even more about what they like, understand why they do what they do and maybe even figure out what you could do to please them more and solidify a repeat client to increase your general revenue stream.

Dressing Up

Just wearing the right type of clothes can give an individual great confidence and always wearing your fancying clothes could have you walking around like your in a music video. Many women wish they could wear fancier lingerie and dress up more often but perhaps don't have anyone to get fancy for or feel like they're not appreciated enough. Escorts don't have this problem as it's almost a job requirement to have and wear the sexiest lingerie. Escorts also change from booking to booking so part of your success depends on your attire and keeping things fresh and sexy. Escorting not only allows you the opportunity to regularly get dressed up, but you could also think of it as earning money to dress up.

Always In Season

The companionship industry is unique to many industries as it doesn't really rely on anything seasonal and isn't seasonal enough to have a drought or a 'dry spell'. People are searching for companionship all year round and unlike selling Easter eggs you don't have to wait until a particular time of the year to flourish. Escorts don't have to worry about running out of popularity, being taken over by a more dominant conglomerate or completely having to stop. Escorts can be pretty sure the industry is going to continue and when escorts do experience periods of slow business it's usually just down to financial situations with the clients or technical problems which affect bookings and clients finding you.


Many pleased clients like to show their gorgeous escorts just how pleased they are and how much they appreciate them by giving them gifts and surprises on top of the agreed donation. Clients don't have to do this and neither do escorts expect this but it's something that happens that is a wonderful and heartfelt perk of the job. These gifts can range from perfume and chocolates to dresses and shoes and everything in between. On top of the fancy hotels, expensive lingerie, clients who adore you and people's entertaining stories a few gifts to top it off isn't so bad is it?


Most jobs which consist of scheduled nine to five hours also have a fixed payday which is usually at the end of the month and is a simple instant transfer of money into your bank account. This means payday is for one day at the end of the month. The brilliant thing about escorting is your payday is literally whenever a client books you so depending on the frequency of your bookings you can have a few paydays a week. Another perk about the money is escorting is a completely cash dominated industry as agencies and escorts both refrain from accepting any method of payment that can later be retracted which is why the default method of payment is cash in hand, and who doesn't love receiving a stack of cash?

So there we have it, in case you needed a little pickup or are considering a career in this profession, our list of little perks is a testament to what a rewarding profession escorting can be spiritual, mentally and physically.  c