Big Cats

2nd Nov 2017

There was a time when Big cats such as Leopards, Pumas and Panthers were allowed to be kept as pets.. most people would think that that was many centuries ago however the law forbidding the possession of big cats as pets only came into effect in 1977. As a result it is thought that many people simply allowed their pet to escape into the wild and the result of this has been many sightings across the country in the years since.

Norfolk and Suffolk tend to have the most reported sightings every year with big cat like creatures being reported to police but since the reports tend to be verbal and any photographic evidence is grainy at best, these reports remain unconfirmed. We have all heard of the beast of Bodmin but it seems that this week we have a possible Hellion of Hemel Hempstead roaming free with an eye witness report that a small dog was savaged by a cat like creature in Ashridge Woods. A horse rider states that she saw the large panther or puma like black creature come out of the undergrowth to attack the dog. It was twice the size of a Labrador with short black hair and looked like an overgrown cat. This is apparently the fifth report of this creature in recent months so it seems that perhaps we have a wildcat in the area.

It seems strange that people were allowed to keep such dangerous creatures as pets in their homes. Today our own Hertfordshire escorts are included in the estimated 4 million cat owners in the country although these are the smaller variety that are less likely to eat you! Clients will not have to worry about our escorts pets though as we operate an outcall service which means that our Hertfordshire escorts travel around the county in order to spend time with their clients. This is perhaps the reason why cats are more popular than dogs with our escorts as these animals are known to be more independent and not need their owners to be back home regularly. The fact that our Hertfordshire escorts spend a great deal of time travelling in order to spend time with their clients and also the fact that on many occasions our escorts are called away at the last minute means that it is not practical to have a dog as a pet and not the case that our escorts are not fans of the animals. That being said none of our Hertfordshire escorts are great fans of these Big Cats which seem to be roaming the area so it is sensible to be aware and keep a lookout if you are out and about in the more rural parts of the county.

Hertfordshire still has a great deal of rural, open space. Whilst there are plenty of pockets of busy towns which are very built up, in between them is lots of grassland, fields, parks and woods. These make for the ideal habitat for such predators and in fact plenty of livestock has fallen prey (reportedly) to them. Whist we are not saying that Hertfordshire has become a wilderness of prowling predators, there certainly a case for being aware and keeping vigilant. That being said , as far as we know, the only wild things in Hemel Hempstead are our stunning local outcall escorts who can 'savage' our clients as much as they like!

Iif you are visiting Hertfordshire soon or indeed if you are a local resident and would like to enjoy a wild encounter that won't threaten your life or well being, then do give us a call and our team can ensure your date with our purr-fect escorts is booked as your convenience.