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11th Nov 2017

Given that Birmingham is always close behind London in terms of new and innovative ideas, it stands to reason that it won't be long before you can hug big fluffy balls of light to make you feel better too. In Paddington this week a pop-up cafe has opened which boasts lots of huge glowing orbs which are covered in fur and which get brighter the harder you hug. These are hanging from the ceiling and are designed to give a feel-good factor to those who need to hug and the fact that they serve coffee is just an additional benefit.

The pluck and hug concept is not new. It was previously a champagne sponsored light installation at Liverpool Street which was hired to promote a new champagne. It seems the tighter the hug, the longer the glow so those orbs which seem to dim in the light just need a quick squeeze to make them glow again. Not exactly sure how this concept came to be linked with champagne or linked with anything really as it has never been explained but the fact that Birmingham is usually hot on the heels of any concepts that arrive in London it is likely to be available at a cafe or a bar launch sometime soon near you.

Our Birmingham escorts love to be hugged too. They don't exactly light up with every squeeze so we would advise clients to refrain from doing this but they are certainly demonstrative girls. Our Birmingham escort agency offers an outcall service which means that clients can book a date with any of our beautiful Birmingham escorts no matter where they are located in the Midlands area and our escorts will aim to be with them as fast as they can. Now, of course, this has nothing to do with any glowing orbs but it was the fact that these are supposed to offer comfort with peace and tranquillity that they drew our eye. Is it not far better to seek comfort in the arms of another human being than a furry ball? The comfort and sense of well being our beautiful Birmingham escorts say their clients feel is immeasurable and whilst we certainly applaud brands who come up with new and innovative ways to promote the message behind their brand we still fail to see how this relates to champagne. Perhaps it is a case of by drinking copious amounts of champagne you will feel the need to go up and hug everything and anything? Somehow we think not so probably it is a message which is simply far too deep for mere mortals like us to understand or perhaps just simply too highbrow and trendy to actually make any sense.

One thing that really does make sense is to make a date with our Birmingham escorts who can come and visit at a moments notice to offer companionship, friendship, intimacy and delights far more than any oversized orb could, fluffy or not plus it is so much less difficult to explain the presence of a beautiful woman in your hotel room than it is to explain the presence of a brightly lit fluffy orb!

Our outcall escorts in Birmingham are always more than willing to visit clients in their Birmingham hotels. Since the area is so close to the Midlands airport, there are always calls for our Birmingham and Midlands escorts to visit clients here. Just a single call will confirm the date of your dreams so why not give our Birmingham escort agency a call now

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