Giant Igloos

11th Nov 2017

Now that the weather has taken a turn for the worst, it is only natural that many people envy the stars and celebrities they see in the newspapers and media sunning themselves on a sun-drenched exotic beach, however there is a new type of holiday that is making a surge in popularity and that is to go to a place that is even colder and sleep under the stars and the beautiful Northern lights in Lapland. There has been a growing number of people, usually those with children, who make the short break over the icy seas to the land of ice and snow in order to go and see Father Christmas but the tourist board in this country have been looking for way to expand their market and include the appeal to those without children. Of course, the magical northern lights are a draw.

So forget the sandy beaches and turquoise waters and instead look up to the turquoise and green skies and think igloo. A company in Lapland are promoting their holidays that boast a two-night stay in a glass-domed igloo. Fully heated of course with non-fogging glass, these beautiful premium accommodations offer the ideal way to see the most beautiful sight in the world with huge beds that can be adjusted to give you the perfect view. All this comes at a price of course and so if £350 per night without the flight or food or drink sounds a little too much to handle then you might consider an alternative right here in Birmingham which will be just a touch cheaper!

Giant Lapland party igloos are now all the rage and they are popping up in all the big cities across the country. The Gas Street Social bar is the perfect example of how this idea has been utilised in a cityscape and provided private partying under the stars for groups of people who prefer to keep warm but feel as if they are outside. The igloos feature furry blankets to sit on and antler lamps to keep things light and bright. They must be booked in advance and require a minimum bar and food spend which might include choices of cocktails, fine wines, party food platters and more. Being located in the centre of the city they have all mod cons like text and table service so that the party atmosphere never goes flat. The igloos are available for hire for 2 hours at a time and this really needs to be booked in advance as they tend to sell out quickly! Very much like our own beautiful Birmingham escorts, in the run-up to Christmas, our girls are often booked out on certain days so we would always advise that clients book in advance, especially if they have a special event that they want to have one of our beautiful Birmingham escorts join them at. As the igloo company state, they take several hundred enquiries every week during the time that they had the igloos available and this is the case with our stunning Birmingham escorts so again, prior reservation is of great importance!

Whilst sitting out in an igloo in the centre of Birmingham may not be quite the same as looking up to the northern lights, you are still likely to have a fabulous time especially if you get together with some friends who also want to enjoy the company of our Birmingham escorts. Our team are available for parties which is always a popular enquiry at this time of the year so why not give us a call and see which of our stunners are available or how many of our beauties you can book in advance.

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