Kristen's Reflections

9th Jan 2018

Voyeurism is actually a lot more of a common fantasy that one would realise and this is borne out in the types of appointments I have. As you can see I am fairly young looking, well I am, in fact, only 20 years anyway but I had a date booked for me recently with an American visitor to Milton Keynes and he had seen my picture in the gallery at secrets4you and wanted to book a date with me (

We met in a hotel room at the Holiday Inn hotel, which is nice and central to the Milton Keynes area. He was a lecturer at Northampton University and in his fifties, he was lovely and polite and extremely complimentary. He explained that I resembled someone he knew but he wasn’t able to show his interest to her but that he had realised he could have the opportunity of living out a fantasy with me. I am always happy to oblige, and this certainly sounded interesting, so I encouraged him to talk about his needs in more detail over a bottle of wine.

As we talked I gathered that he was into voyeurism and that he didn’t actually want to be personally intimate with me but rather watch covertly as I pleasured myself. I really enjoy these types of dates as I get so much pleasure from knowing that every move I make is being watched intensely and turning my date on! I immediately thought of an idea and without letting on I stood up and said to my date that I was just going to the bathroom to change and then would go out for a drink. I motioned that he stayed on the sofa in the room whilst I got changed and I walked over to the bathroom.

I made sure that I left the bathroom door ajar as I knew that if I stood in a certain spot in the bathroom I could be seen from the lounge/bedroom area. I stood in the correct spot and slipped out of my dress. I had a matching pair of black lace panties and bra which I kept on whilst I moved backwards and forwards in front of the doorway on the pretext of gathering different items of clothing. I sneaked a quick glance through to the lounge area to ensure that he was watching and to my delight he was! Now for the real show.

I placed all the things I had gathered on a small stool in the room. I positioned it so that if I sat on the edge I could still be seen and then slowly, facing away from the doorway, I slipped seductively out of my underwear. As I undid my bra I shimmied my shoulders a little so that my rounded and pert breasts bounced. My nipples hardened at the sudden exposure and I cooed in delight as I cupped them and absent-minded flicked my thumbs over each hard nub. I then hooked them into the flimsy material of my panties and slid them down my legs making sure that I bent right over to give a wonderful view of my pussy lips to my date in the living room.

I spent quite a long time bent over and making quite a big deal of stretching and removing my panties so much so that I couldn’t help myself when I had to brush my hand over my now wet pussy lips from behind. I made sure that my fingers slid back and forth very slowly so that I could enjoy the sensations it gave me but had to stop before I went too far! I walked out of sight and collected a full-length mirror and placed it in front of the stool. I sat down and began to slide nude silk stockings over my feet and slowly up each leg whilst facing the mirror. I could see that my date clearly was very interested. Every time I slid the stocking up to my knee I parted my legs just enough so that he could see my soft velvety parted lips and the deep wet womanliness within.

With my stockings in place I attached my suspender belt and slid my feet into some very high heels. I stood admiring myself in the mirror and began to caress my breasts with one hand whilst touching myself with the other. I threw my head back in pleasure and continued like this for a few moments until I realised it wasn’t enough.

I sashayed over to the counter where I had left my bag and bent over to investigate what was inside. Here I pondered over which of my favourite travel vibrators to choose. I made sure that I wiggled a little as I didn’t want anyone to get bored and once I had made the perfect choices I walked back over to the stool and sat facing the mirror and spread my knees wide apart. I heard a little gasp from the other room and smiled, satisfied.

I began by circling each nipple with the big silver bullet probe. My already hard nipples deepened in colour and became even tighter. I moaned in appreciation and I’m sure I heard a little echo of a moan from behind the door but I carried on without investigating. I slowly trailed the huge cold vibrator down between my full breasts, down my belly towards my glistening already engorged pussy lips.

I leant back on the stool so I could lift my pelvis higher and receive the full length of the shaft between my legs. I gasped as the cold hard implement slid into my hot pussy and I held it there deep within me whilst I circled it round and round filling me completely. I then took the small baby vibrator and placed it on my swollen red clit. The gentle humming of my pleasure was the only sound in the room and I turned the little pleasure stick up to full and instantly felt my clit swelling and getting hot under the intense vibrations. I began to pound the huge thick bullet in and out in time with my gasps and I could feel the heady pleasure intensifying now. 

I wanted to cum so badly but I also needed to reach a particular spot I knew would blow my mind so whilst keeping the little vibrator planted firmly on my clit I moved so that I was kneeling on the floor with my elbows on the stool. I slid the huge shaft deep into me from behind and arch my back so that I could slide all the way in. I spread my knees wide apart and lost myself completely as the shaft hit the exact spot. I moaned and bucked with the intense pleasure of the white-hot ball building inside me. When I finally came it was a total explosion and my own hot sticky juices squirted down my thigh. I collapsed against the stool totally spent and exhausted. I looked up into the mirror to see that my watcher had also felt the full thrust of my excitement and was indeed also totally spent.

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