Milton Keynes

22nd Oct 2017

The internet can be blamed for many things including the act of turning an idea into a craze that sweeps the planet and the latest 'love rocks' craze is no different. It has even reached as far as Milton Keynes with a local face book group dedicated to the craze reaching 800 already. As far as internet crazes go, this one is fairly harmless and actually quite nice in that it involves painting a random rock or stone with a decorated heart of kind message and hiding it in various places throughout the area. People are then urged to leave clues as to the location and others go off to find them in a massive game of 'egg hunt' but using a rock instead of an egg.

That is one of the latest crazes that, at least, has a positive side unlike another which is currently causing fear amongst parents as it urges children to go missing for at least 24 hours and they only score points when the local police launch an appeal for sightings! It does make one wonder why people seem to have so much free time for such pointless activities? Most of our clients in Milton Keynes have got the right idea in that whenever they get a spare hour or a free evening they head straight over to our website at Secrets4you and view our portfolio of stunning escorts in Milton Keynes. They then choose the woman of their desires and make a booking so that they can spend that spare time in excellent company enjoying whatever comes naturally! Now that certainly seems a better way of passing the time than painting a rock and then going to the trouble of hiding it, or even worse, hiding yourself!

If playing games is your thing then you don't have to miss out on them when you book a date with our Milton Keynes escorts. Our ladies love the chance to enjoy some role play or fantasy fun and if you like a bit of kink then our fetish escorts are the natural choice. Our escorts in Milton Keynes have wild imaginations and like too get their creative juices flowing so why not let them know your naughtiest passions and they can build a scenario where you get to fulfil that fantasy. Our beautiful MK escorts have lots of toys and accessories to enhance your time together and make your encounter that little bit ore realistic so don't be shy and let them know what you would like to try. Even if it is something you have never done before then why not discover new ways to develop your desire and have our Milton Keynes escorts lead the way. Our escorts are very experienced and highly skilled so they are best placed to be able to assist in all of your needs. They are also very non-judgemental and in most cases, what you may consider to be kinky is probably perfectly normal and enjoyable to them!

At Secrets4you escort agency we aim to match our clients with the most suitable companion depending on the requirements of the client. We know all our Milton Keynes escorts personally so we know all their personalities very well and can match you with someone who shares your passion which will ultimately result in a more enjoyable and highly thrilling encounter. Whatever craze is sweeping the internet there is nothing better than the age old pleasure of intimacy with a beautiful woman and since this is one which will endure well into the future I would get your rocks off rather than painting pretty messages on them and then leaving clues as to where they are – our Milton Keynes escorts don't need any clues whatsoever!