Oxford Uni

24th Oct 2017

Coventry and Oxford University have been working together on some extremely important research that could affect our entire population, or so it says. It seems that the boffins at the universities have been trying to work out if having more sex actually makes you more intelligent and it seems the resounding result is that it does, especially if you happen to be over 50 and if this is the case for you then you can expect to become brain of Britain apparently!

It seems that the findings showed that more frequent sexual activity was linked to improved brain function and this was measured by verbal fluency (not oral we might add) and the ability to perceive objects and the spaces between them. Now, we at Secrets4you are not too sure how this relates to having more sexual activity but apparently one of the tests was to say as many words beginning with the letter F that they could think of. Well, given their frames of minds, we can only think that a few sprang to mind rather quickly! All joking aside, this was a real study undertaken by serious scientists and researchers with the aim to finding out about the impact sexual activity can have on older members of the population.

At Secrets4you escorts agency we could have saved them all the trouble and expenditure as we already know that in most cases older people make great lovers. Our mature escorts gallery is one which is full of beautiful women who are always very much in demand by men young and old. Experience, sensitivity, patience and skill are all qualities that we tend to gain as we get older and so it stands to reason that these thing are also reflected in the way we express ourselves sexually. Whether that makes a difference to the number of words we know or how our brains function is something we will have to leave up to the University research groups but we do know that our older clients are just as much fun for our Coventry escorts to spend time with as the younger gents.

Coventry University is no stranger to tackling controversial issues. It was recently lambarded in the press for offering a degree course in trust, peace and social relations. Some of our Coventry escorts have studied at the University and have found it to be a place where the very foundations of our society are questioned. Being curious about things is no bad thing. Indeed we can learn a lot about ourselves and our environment just by asking questions and engaging in new experiences. Our very own Coventry escorts welcome clients who want too discover new things and explore the deepest parts of their desires as experimentation can lead the way to a more fulfilling and satisfying private life. The saying goes that it is only kinky the first time and this is very true because when something is repeated a number of times it gradually become normalised and is therefore not considered unusual.

If we think back to the ways the Victorians lived and their lifestyles and expectations they would think that modern society was very kinky indeed but to us, we are simply going about our every day lives and the same applies to those who enjoy the company of escorts, wherever they are in the country. Female companionship without emotional strings is something that should be accepted as normal and healthy. So perhaps the boffins have touched on something good and maybe their next research will be into how much non-emotional intimate relations can help us to lead more productive lives.