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11th Nov 2017

There are lots of different things that are associated with Christmas. There are of course the presents, overeating and drinking, the cold, decorating the tree and the parties but of course there is one such thing that may not first spring to mind but it is always a part of Christmas in some way or another, Gingerbread. Making gingerbread houses has been something of a tradition in most households for centuries. It mainly started in Germany and quickly spread to other parts of Europe and by the Victorian age, there was not a household in the country that didn't use gingerbread either as gifts, food or as decorations for their Christmas festivities. Today it has taken a little more of a back seat but the artisan bakers around the country are aiming to revive this particular treat.

The Dorchester hotel leads the way last year by creating an amazing replica of their hotel in minute detail all made out of gingerbread. This year they have done the same but this time added an old-fashioned Victorian sweet shop at their entrance. No doubt to wow the American tourists but whether the reasons for creating these traditions of times gone by was purely for commercial reasons, they do create a wonderful sense of nostalgia too, particularly with our European escorts in the Midlands.

The idea has been quickly adopted by other hotels around the country and now the Welcombe Hotel in Warwickshire has followed suit with their own creation of a giant edible replica of the building itself. Taking three whole days to bake, the new pastry chef has certainly proven his worth and his skills with a construction of epic proportions. A further three days were spent assembling and decorating the cake ready for it to go on display in the foyer for guests to admire.

As Warwickshire is located in the Midlands area why not book an overnight stay at this hotel and have one of our beautiful local escorts in the Midlands come and spend time with you. You can see this gingerbread house for yourselves and spend time admiring the beautiful Warwickshire countryside as well as the beauty of your Secrets4you escort too.

There are many abstract ways that businesses link themselves to a certain public holiday or festivity and for Christmas, there is a whole host of different options to choose from. Gingerbread is somewhat unusual however it makes perfect sense when one thinks of sweets and confectionery and all things that are treats. Of course, as an escort agency, we like to link our Midlands escorts to all festivals and occasions simply by way of pleasure and enjoyment and since Christmas is a time of joy and relaxation it is only natural that this festivity is linked with great company and great times.

Even if you preferred not to go off to Warwickshire on a short break there are many other places that you can visit the Midlands area. In fact, you don't even need to stray too far from Birmingham as the city centre always has plenty to offer those who are visiting. Our own Birmingham escorts are always happy to provide the companionship aspect of any date and so even if you simply want to enjoy a dinner date at any of the award-winning restaurants in the city or just to pop out for a few drinks then our girls are the obvious choice for the sensational company. The fact that they can provide the entertainment for the entire night and not have to go out anywhere at all is just simply a bonus for our clients