Students Party

26th Dec 2017

If you are local in the Cambridge area, then you will have heard of the old tradition of the King Street run. If not, then it will help to explain once you know that King Street is a short road which always had more than its fair share of pubs and inns and was used by Cambridge students as a location of a bi-annual pub crawl. The story goes that in the 1950’s a group of medical students and a group of undergraduates were having a discussion about how much liquid the human bladder could hold. The discussion soon grew into an argument and it was decided that the only way to settle it was to actually find out for themselves.

The rules were that the students would go in each pub along King Street and down a single pint in each. They were not allowed to go to the bathroom at all and by the time they got to the end of the street they would know how many pints the human bladder could hold. Obviously, this seemed like a perfectly good experiment considering these were all students and so the event went ahead with massive local interest which leads to it becoming an annual event and then a bi-annual event. Given the fact that Cambridge is full of students it is probably a weekly event for many!

The fact that this was organised by Cambridge students meant that there had to be some formality to the proceedings and the event was known as the King Street Pint to Pint club. The crawl was restricted to seven pubs, with one pint downed in each and for the eighth pint they returned to the first pub. There were of course penalties for those who couldn’t manage the course and for those who vomited or went to the bathroom the penalty was to drink another pint. Logical. For those who actually managed this feat then there was the glory of being able to wear the club tie, a navy blue tie with a tankard surmounted by a crown however over the years and with new licensing laws coming into practice, this club petered out which is actually something of a shame when one considers the alternatives nowadays.

Our Cambridge escorts love to hear historical traditions of things that used to be enjoyed and experienced in the city. Indeed since many of their clients are actually from places in parts of Europe these interesting facts are great talking points and add a light-hearted element to the icebreaker date. We understand that for some gentlemen, meeting with their companion for the first time can be nerve-wracking and awkward. Our Cambridge escorts want the experience to be as relaxed and pleasurable as possible, so it is always a good idea to enjoy a short ‘date’ with the lady of your choice before your encounter so that you can get to know one another properly. This is especially important if you have certain pleasures that you would like to discuss so little conversation starters like the history of King Street are great ways to ease into a conversation about the area in which you are both in. It is probably likely that our Cambridge escorts are not local to the area themselves so this tradition might lead on to discussing traditions from your own part of the world which in turn, could lead to other preferences and traditions in other areas. The point of discussion is the find a comfortably shared interest from which the rest of the date can be built upon for a truly memorable experience which can be treasured afterwards.